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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The cameraman is doing a close-up of me running, but I can't run too fast because he can't catch up with all the wires in the way. So I have to look like I'm running very fast without really running very fast. It's quite funny when I watch it and I'm sure all of you will have a good laugh.
Go ahead, laugh at me!

I call this video "Running Fast Slowly"

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11:46 PM

We had to come up with this short choreography on the spot. The only time I danced waltz intensively was during 《奇迹》, which was already quite some time ago. Chengxi said he doesn't know anything but I think he picked up very quickly. Nonetheless, we still managed to fool our way through. *heehee* It will probably look better when you watch us on TV because the effects and editing will make up for our lack of skill. Enjoy and laugh 吧!

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11:38 PM

Early in the morning, at Pasir Ris when the sun was blazing into my eyes...

The princess awaits the prince...

They meet and they dance...

He took her on a bicycle ride...

And realise she is not who he thinks she is...*ARGH* (the AP and I fooling around)

At the Giraffe Cafe

Karate Chop.

We were filming at this restaurant at night. The food's really really good. You can't see in this picture, but Chengxi and I were helping ourselves to the fish on the table. It was so fresh you can feel the juice when you chew the meat. Yummy...

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12:15 AM

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Finally, I've managed to catch up on my entries. Sorry for the sudden bombardment of entries but I realise I'm so many days behind, with so many un-uploaded photos. I've been having very very tight schedules, so it's been quite hectic. What is worse is I came down with gastric and migraine yesterday. :( Sob sob, my body is breaking down....

I'm supposed to lead a gang fight today, but looks like the cat is stealing the show.
She's eating the grass in case you can't quite see.

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10:22 PM

I love animals!!
Took a series of 10 pictures of this kitten which I might post up at a later date. She is just so adorable although her mood swings are really bad. She can snuff you one minute then come and curl up against you the next. She was loitering at a park where we were filming today and I couldn't help but play with her. :) Luv it!!

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10:18 PM

This scene is a dream sequence.
If I were a princess and my prince falls in love with another princess, this is what I would do...

Haha, quite psychotic huh?
Disclaimer: Pictures taken while filming

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10:08 PM

The day I filmed this, I fell sick the following day...:( Currently recovering from gastric and headache.

金箍棒 (Jin Gu Bang) of Sun Wu Kong.
Haha, no la, it's actually a toothpick for me to scratch my head under the wig. Sounds gross, but it's really very itchy. So no choice, need to use something pointy.

Oops, caught taking an MMS of myself.

Peeping at my co-stars

We're doing one of those romantic scenes but as you can see from the behind the scenes that it's not THAT romantic la...

Fall down also must look pretty...
Actually it's cos' the wig is looking weird on screen


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9:52 PM

It's sooo hot these days. The other day we were filming at Sungei Road flea market, and I was so amazed at how the old vendors can bear with the heat and glare from the sun, setting up small little stalls to sell second-hand items. I didn't see anything I like, more because it was too hot to shop, and it got a bit crowded towards the evening. I remembered my classmate in Uni once did a photo-story here, and she was very "lucky" because the day she came, there was a raid, so she managed to get some very interesting interviews from the vendors and exciting pictures. Since then, I told myself I must come and take a look, but never did.

Haha, now my wish came true. Well, I suppose for that day, the only interesting thing that happened was probably me running after my daddy, weaving in between the stalls, while the camera stayed hidden somewhere so the people walking around will react naturally to us pushing past them. Heehee...

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9:35 PM

Have you ever wondered what's it like to miss someone so dear for over a decade?

That strange feeling
Of familarity mixed with uncertainty
Love mixed with hatred?

It's almost like all these years, you want to see him, but don't want to see him.

Because you're afraid.
Because I'm afraid.

I don't know what to say when I meet him.
I don't know what he will say when he meets me.

He left me, and I hated him.
Yet I love him for being the only man in my life.

I say I don't want to see him.
Yet tears well up whenever I think of him.

Now that we've met.
Can I still call him
My father?

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9:09 PM

Saturday, May 26, 2007




胡文虎和胡文豹是两兄弟,而且我们很熟悉的虎标万金油 (Tiger Balm)


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10:27 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hellooo all...
I know a lot of you couldn't come to the event cos' it was too last minute, but it's okay. I'm happy to know you were all rooting for me in your heart! *big hug* Thank you thank you!!! *cheers*

Today was the launch of the new Bonia outlet at OG Orchard Point. Michelle and I were given the opportunity to design the kind of bags we would like and today's event also saw us unveiling the 4 designs we came up with.

Designing was very fun and exciting for me because I never thought I would ever get the chance to do that. What's more, it's my first time, and I'm not a very arty-farty person, so it was a bit challenging. But the designer at Bonia was very helpful and supportive, so I just don't think too much la! I ended up keeping my designs simple and classic. I really hope they will sell very well so Bonia will get us to design again for the next season or something!!

Mich and I with our designs

During the interview

After programme briefing

i blogged @
8:31 PM

We were filming at Waraku, a Japanese restaurant at East Coast. The sushi you see is good to look at, but are actually props bought the night before, from the supermarket. All the rice become hard and frozen and I didn't dare to eat. *oops*

It was very early in the morning, I think everyone one was quite sleepy, except for the very pregnant Jaq. *Haha* I only had an hour sleep the night before, but because I had my favourite teh-si in the morning, so I was quite hyper too. Yes, give me good teh-si and I will be a very happy person!

That jump-for-joy picture of me you see was done in the afternoon so by then, I had already had a good nap (because it was raining and we had a nice lunch and then nap on the bus after that).

i blogged @
8:11 PM

Monday, May 21, 2007

I was sorting out my folders and found this old picture, taken maybe about 2 or 3 years ago I can't remember. This is the cast of 《活下去》and we were gathered to take a poster picture for the drama.

I remembered when I was doing this drama, I almost never ever meet Hanwei and Ping Hui because their storyline was completely different from Elvin and mine. So it's strange that even though we're on the same drama, we don't ever meet on set, and the only time we do meet is when we come together to do a poster picture. *haha*

That's the way drama is sometimes.
Those were the days...

i blogged @
10:46 PM

I've always wanted to take a motorbike license. Start with a Class 2B and eventually move up to Class 2. Cos' I remembered seeing a girlfriend looking so "handsome" riding her Fireblade. But of course, ask any parent and they will say "NO!", so that's why till now, I can only straddle the bike, but not learn to ride.

I'm a Biker Chick!!

i blogged @
10:14 PM


《爱。特别的你》要“上影”了!29 May, 9 pm, Channel 8.



那天在 Amara Hotel 举办了《爱。特别的你》的记者招待会。

和戏里的大朋友和小朋友见面,恍 如隔世。


可能是在场的压力,让我们 大家都没有好好地和彼此沟通,玩闹。
















i blogged @
9:25 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I was injured yesterday while filming. I had to kick the suitcase Nelson was on, and then sort of circled my legs in midair before jumping up. The concept is very stylo-mylo, but I pulled a muscle in the inner thigh, so now I'm walking with a limp. It was so painful!!! The stuntman ended up being my body double. He made it look so easy and impressive.

Do we look like sisters or what? *haha*


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11:29 PM

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Don't you think she looks quite good even though it's only wires?
Sometimes, the most basic uncomplicated things is good enough.

i blogged @
10:59 PM

Heehee, the watch ad is out on Saturday's TODAY! :)

i blogged @
10:53 PM

Me having breakfast at Ghim Moh Market. 豆浆油条!! We film a lot at this hawker centre and I'm always very happy whenever we go there, cos' there is plenty of food and shops around. Food makes me happy and I can have different breakfast every morning. Yummy!!

I couldn't stand wearing the wig cos' it made my head so itchy!! Had to take it off and let the Kate comb it through for me again. We look beautiful because of them every morning okay!

There was rain and we had to wait. Notice the curls in my hair have all gone straight. I kinda like it like that. Messy messy...haha...I'm messy la!

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12:12 AM

Friday, May 18, 2007

I find this picture very funny. It's like I kenna whack by so many guys and you see one man at the bottom right hand corner, obviously not helping. *haha* He is actually the martial arts choreographer. What he does is he will teach us how to fight, where to punch/kick, how to punch/kick and if there's anything that requires falling from a height, or a stunt that is potentially dangerous, he will replace the actor.

Kenna kick in the backside by Vincent. He is the small leader of this gang who actually belongs to another bigger gang that has a sub-head, that has a bigger head, who has deep conflict with my "po po" and daddy. Complicated secret society stuff but the point is, everytime we see each other, sure fight.*abish*

Me trying to do a Uma Thurman in Kill Bill impersonation. *heehee*

Daddy and I...:)

i blogged @
11:56 PM

I'm actually very happy to be doing this show, cos' get to meet a lot of new friends! Jin-jie is my "po po" and she's very powerful in martial arts; Jaqueline is my best friend in the show and she's very pretty and cute as a ditzy Ah Lian. The show is quite light-hearted, and I hope many people will like it. Not sure when it will be airing or what time yet, cos' we only started filming 2 weeks ago, so it's gonna be another 2 months more for me before it wraps. Which means I can only wait till July for my next holiday. Wish me luck! *crosses my fingers*

i blogged @
11:49 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

YAY!!!! Finally my blogspot is error free! Can start to post pictures online...I'm doing this just before I head out to work. Today's gonna be a long day cos' we're gonna end late and I have to fight (again). I'm fighting a lot for this show, so I'm always very tired by the time I come home. Sorry to keep everyone waiting and I'll try to post up more stuff soon!! :)

i blogged @
11:32 AM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello...I don't know what's wrong with the server at blogger, do u guys have the same problem? Everything seems a little messed up. Sigh...can't upload pictures, so I can't show you my new look for now. I hope the problem clears up soon. *keeps fingers crossed*

i blogged @
7:31 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sorry people, something wrong with my blogger account. Haven't been able to upload any pictures due to some error. I hope it'd be rectified soon. Meantime...keep checking back. :(

i blogged @
1:39 AM

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