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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

这几个月来,在这里很好,因为可以看到大家在tagboard的互动。不过中国好像是禁止网友上任何 blogspot的博客,所以我只好“搬家”。希望大家还是会支持我,到我的新博客去留言哦!我等你们!

I've decided to set up a new blog at www.ajollyaffair.wordpress.com
Right now, they do not permit tag boards at wordpress, so do leave me comments okie? I won't shut down this site, so you can still come to the tagboard here, but my new entries will be over there.

The reason why I'm changing is because blogspot is not accessible for those in China so friends/fans over there have trouble reading my entries. :(

Do support my new blog at www.ajollyaffair.wordpress.com okie! See ya all there!


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sesame Street was pretty much part of my childhood. These were my favourite characters!
Don't the songs just make you happy?

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10:02 PM

"Like Father Like Daughter" is coming to an end soon and I'm so glad most of you enjoyed watching it. It's very heart warming to know that we've managed to entertain all of you for the past month. :) Thank you so much for supporting the show!! Thought I'd pull out some of the pictures taken during production couple of months back for reminiscence sake.

《宝贝父女兵》快要结束了!这些照片是当时拍的,让我留下了非常美好的回忆。(多谢 “隆弟” 的摄影!)相信你们现在看这些照片也会觉得比较熟悉。嘿嘿!






可爱的Akira (真名Nelson, 华语名因为找不到汉字所以没写)


The artist who drew all of Chun Chun portraits in the show actually cut this outline of me within 1 minute. So talented!!

At the Giraffe Cafe



Save the best for last!
最后肯定少不了漂亮可爱的“阿莲”(真名Jaclyn, pronounced jack-clean)

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2:10 AM

Friday, September 14, 2007


Anya Hindmarch launched her own environmental friendly shopping bag "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" which got snapped up the moment it was launched. People didn't mind being put on waiting list or paying above the market price just to get their hands on this bag. It is heart-warming to know so many people are supportive of this cause, but I can't help but wonder if fashion pursuit is part of the reason for this enthusiasm.

Hmm, that spun off an idea! What if there was a "Design Your Own Bag" contest? Every participant has a plain white cotton bag where they can exercise their creativity, and the winning entries will be displayed at this "Save The Earth" roadshow (if there is going to be one). Otherwise, they can tie in with magazines to raise awareness too. Maybe put them up for exhibition, or auction or as contest prizes? And if the designs are not too difficult to replicate, perhaps it can even go into mass production.

I've seen t-shirts designed by famous people, canvas shoes painted by tertiary students, why not environmentally friendly bags too? Maybe if using these bags actually become fashionable, people might be more willing to carry them around.

Hmm...food for thought! :)

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10:19 AM

Thursday, September 13, 2007


我一直都想养宠物,只不过家里太多限制,所以还是不养的好。没有真的,只好用玩具来代替。不久前,我也养了一只Virtual Dog,那是在Nintendogs游戏里,而且恰好跟这只玩具的是一样品种和颜色。



Love ya all~!

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8:57 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2007



躺在床上睡睡又醒醒,好不容易看完了由权相宇主演的韩国电影 “Running Wild". 除了两位男主角卖力的演出之外,觉得没什么看头。故事没有香港的 《无间道》精彩,人物也没有“Daisy”那么细腻,拍摄手法好像有一点怪怪的。




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Monday, September 10, 2007

Just writing to update all my dear fans about the "hey hey, yah yah" song a lot of you are asking about on the tag board. I asked the sound engineer and he said it is made up of of a few songs, created specially for this show, so it will not be available anywhere else except the sound effects library at MediaCorp.

Hee hee, suspense over. Can sleep better? :)

I think I'm going to fall sick. Sigh, I can feel it in the back of my throat. Tomorrow is an ULTRA long day and I'm so in need of sleep. Will update again soon.

To all of you with love.

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10:42 PM

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